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Ohio Wing Commander

Colonel David A. "Dad" Dlugiewicz

Col David A. Dlugiewicz serves as the Ohio Wing Commander where he assists the Wing Commander to oversee four groups consisting of a total of 35 squadrons throughout the state. Ohio Wing boasts eight aircraft, including one glider, plus 19 corporate vehicles, and more than 1,100 cadet and senior member volunteers.

Col Dlugiewicz joined CAP in 2009 in Minnesota Wing’s Mankato Composite squadron as a SMSgt. He served as the squadron’s Aerospace Officer attending and eventually teaching at the National and Great Lakes Aerospace Schools. He served on the Minnesota Wing Staff as Internal Aerospace Officer for 3 years and was promoted to Major to assume Command of the Mankato Squadron. In 2013 he moved to Ohio and took command of the Rickenbacker Composite Squadron He was able to double the squadron size in 2 years and moved to command Ohio Group VIII.  While assuming command of Group VIII, Col Dlugiewicz was selected as the Chairman of the newly created Functional Users Group (FUG).  The FUG is the voice of the membership to National Headquarters. During his time as Group VIII commander in, he also commanded 2 encampments as well as staffing encampments in 2 other wings. In addition to being the Deputy Director for two Region Staff Colleges (RSC), he was on staff for 4 other RSCs.

In 2020, Col Dlugiewicz was selected as the National Information Technology (IT) Manager. Col Dlugiewicz is directly involved with IT decisions involving members. He represents all 64,000 volunteers to the paid staff on IT matters.  He serves on the IT Steering Committee as one of two volunteer members along with many CAP OPRs.  He also serves on the IT Executive Committee with the CEO, COO, CIO, and USAF representatives.

Col Dlugiewicz serves as a founding member of the Civil Air Patrol’s Innovation Team.  He was instrumental in leading the team to help CAP make a transformational shift in thinking.  He managed the JanEX 2022 competition and created a scoring program that tracked and guaranteed the results of the competition.

In his time outside the Civil Air Patrol, Senior Master Sergeant Dlugiewicz dedicated nearly 21 years to the United States Air Force. In the role of a cryptologic linguist, he was stationed at multiple bases across Europe, some even within the confines of the Iron Curtain. As a member of elite crews, Colonel Dlugiewicz participated in Rivet Joint and Combat Sent operations over European skies and was a key instructor for the Rivet Joint airborne course at Goodfellow Air Force Base. His significant contribution includes the development of an independent training system that was instrumental in preparing numerous crew members for operations during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In 1992, he was selected to spearhead a pioneering initiative on Looking Glass aircraft, distinguishing himself as the sole airborne-qualified computer programmer in the Air Force. His illustrious career in the Air Force culminated in Panama, where he served a dual role. He was the Director of Operations at the 33rd Intelligence Squadron, overseeing and participating in Senior Scout, Flowing Pen, and Pacer Coin missions. Additionally, Senior Master Sergeant Dlugiewicz was appointed as the Superintendent of the Consolidated Mission Operations Center, coordinating joint Army-Air Force missions while fulfilling his responsibilities as Director of Operations.


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