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Don Gentile Composite Squadron 709 (OH-114)

Meeting Location: Sidney Municipal Airport (SCA)

                                       14833 Sidney-Plattsville Rd, Sidney, OH 45365

Meeting Day/Time: Monday's, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Squadron Commander: Capt John L. Shawver

Email: john.shawver@ohwg.cap.gov

Website: http://oh114.cap.gov

Facebook: OH114



The Don Gentile Composite Squadron 709 is comprised of both senior and cadet members, conducting both the senior program and cadet program.  

The standard weekly meeting schedule is as follows. Please check the unit website calendar for any updates.

Monday    Agenda UOD
1st Character Development Instruction  Blues
2nd Aerospace Education and Leadership    ABU
3rd Leadership and Aerospace Education ABU
4th Physical Training (PT) and Leadership   Athletic Apparel (tennis shoes, black shorts, tan shirt)   
5th Fun Activities Civilian Attire






The focus of OH-114 is to teach the Civil Air Patrol core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect in conjunction with Character Development, Leadership, Emergency Services, Physical Fitness, and Aerospace activities.

Squadron Point of Contact:

Capt John L. Shawver



Squadron Commander Bio

Capt John Shawver is a native of Lima, Ohio and joined Civil Air Patrol in 2016. He serves as the Squadron Commander with the Don Gentile Composite Squadron in Miami County.

In addition Capt Shawver serves as the Cadet Programs Development Officer for Ohio Wing. The Development Officer oversees the facilitation of adult leadership training by helping to provide adult-intended classes (e.g., Training Leaders of Cadets) at the Wing-level and advising lower echelons on best practices in ensuring a healthy environment of cadet learning and progression.

Capt Shawver has attended several encampments serving as training officer (Ohio 2018, Ohio 2019, Florida 2019-20) and recently Commandant of Cadets for Ohio Wing 2022.

Civil Air Patrol awards and decorations include Jack Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the year 2021 Commander's Commendation Award (Wing) Achievement Award

Civil Air Patrol specialty track ratings include Technician Ratings: Public Affairs, Professional Development Senior Ratings: Cadet Programs, Character Development

Effective dates of promotions are as follows: Second Lieutenant 23 May 2017 First Lieutenant 19 May 2019 Captain 18 Dec 2021

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