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Breakout Sessions

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List of Saturday Breakout Sessions
National Briefing - Chief Parson NHQ
National IT and Innovation
Senior Member NCO Meet/Greet/Expectations Seminar
sUAS - Three Breakout Sessions  - What is an sUAS?  How to get started in sUAS.  sUAS Capabilities in CAP
Changes in the Chaplain Corps Regulation and Specialty Track
Tips for Leading Character Development Lessons
Communications Breakout - Three Sessions to be Offered
Cadet Advisory Council Round Table
Fighter Pilot Performance
Operations Q&A
AE, STEM, AEM - Multiple Sessions to be Offered
Cadet to Senior Progression
Encampment Basics & Info
Recruiting & Retention
Wing Safety Officer Round Table
CAP Safety Fundamentals - Resources and Next Steps
Wing Finance Presentation
Admin & Personnel Basics
Recreation Aviation Foundation
Ohio Wing Strategic Plan 2023 - 2027
Cyber Threat Discussion

List of Cadet Breakout Sessions
Cadet Quiz Bowl*
Paper Airplane Construction Competition*
Drones (Hands on Experience)
Emergency Service (ES) Equipment (Hands on Experience)
Snaptricity/STEM kits
Team Leadership Problems (TLP)
Hydraulics/Hydraulic Arm Build
Color Guard Demo
Group Leadership Problems (GLP)
National Cadet Special Activities INCSA)
Note: * - Trophies to be awarded
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