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Conference Staff

This years conference theme is “Innovating into the Future” referring to what CAP and the Wing might look like in the future.  Your 2023 OHWG Conference Staff whose mission is to make your experience at the 2023 Conference an outstanding experience are as follows:  

Maj Justin Trager

2023 Ohio Wing Conference, Officer In Charge


Maj Trager joined CAP in 1992 as a cadet and then in 1997, he joined the United States AIr Force (USAF).

In 2009, Maj Trager returned to CAP as a senior member with OH-157 and has served as the Squadron Commander for OH-145 and is currently the OHWG Group VIII Commander. 

Maj Trager is also a leader within the Emergency Services program of CAP, serving as a Ground Branch Director and Ground Team Leader.

He has attended the four previous OHWG conferences, serving on the staff for three of those conferences.

Outside of CAP, Maj Trager is a Sales Manager for the Jeff Drennen Auto Group in Zanesville, OH.  Maj Trager looks forward to the 2023 OHWG Conference and plans to make your experience this year one of the best.


Capt Bruce Davies, CAP

2023 Ohio Wing Conference, Assistant Officer In Charge

Capt Bruce Davies is the Assistant Officer in Charge (OIC) for the 2023 Ohio Wing Conference.

Capt Davies was a cadet from 2008 to 2012 attaining the rank of C/SMSgt. He returned to CAP as a Senior in 2017.

Capt Davies has been active in emergency services (ES) and serves on the OHWG staff as the Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Officer/DOU.  

He is also serves as the Commander for OH-157.



1st Lt Kimberly Hughes, CAP

2023 Ohio Wing Conference, Cadet Programs Coordinator


Lt Hughes joined CAP in November 2020 after her third and final child joined CAP.  She wanted to be a part of a team and believed that CAP would utilize her skills within the program. Her commitment to CAP has been stellar and she has had numerous roles in CAP to include:

  • 2023 OHWG Encampment Deputy Commander for support

  • 2022 OHWG Encampment Assistant Health Services Officer

  • Ohio Wing Acting Director for Recruitment & Retention

  • Lt Hughes is also active in her unit in officer roles related to Activities, Administration, Character Development, Health Services, Personnel, Recruiting, and Testing 

Outside of CAP Lt Hughes has a busy life as well being the mother of three teenagers and a full time social worker with Warren City Schools. In 2020 Lt Hughes received the mental health ambassador of the year award from ACH.  Lt Hughes is currently furthering her education at Ohio University seeking a Master’s degree in social work and has three semesters remaining before having earned her Master's degree. 

In her free time, when there is such,  Lt Hughes enjoys traveling and spending time with her children. Her personal goal is to visit all 50 states. Lt Hughes loves animals and has a dog named Rolly and a fish named Goldie. Lt Hughes looks forward to the 2023 Conference and fulfilling her role as the 2023 OHWG Wing Conference, Cadet Programs Coordinator.

1st Lt Lucy Kliethermes-Jones, CAP

2023 Ohio Wing Conference, Administration Coordinator


Lt Kliethermes-Jones joined CAP as a cadet in 2009 and was a member with the Carolyn A Guertin Cadet Squadron where she earned the Billy Mitchell Award before leaving to attend college.

Lt Kliethermes-Jones joined OH-037 (Wright-Patterson Composite Squadron) in 2019. She currently serves in the squadron positions as Deputy Commander for Senior Members, Aerospace Education Officer, and Professional Development Officer. She also serves in the OHWG as Plans and Programs Officer. 


Lt Col James Himes, CAP

2023 Ohio Wing Conference, Public Affairs Officer


Lt Col Himes joined CAP in March 1989.

Lt Col Himes has provided professional quality photos for the last two OHWG conferences to include providing a high-quality photo for anyone to use in eServices as well as military professional portraits for members to frame.  Lt Col Himes also conducted numerous PA classes and seminars on Professional Development weekends and as breakouts during the OHWG conferences.

Lt Col Himes has also been the PAO for the last four years of National Cadet Competition providing high quality photos. He also provided professional quality photos for the 2013 to 2019 OHWG encampments and mentored the cadet encampment PA staff during those years.

Cadet Ken, CAP

2023 Ohio Wing Conference, C/Assistant Public Affairs Officer


Cadet Ken has been an active participant in CAP for many years and when called upon attends CAP events throughout the United States.  

Whether it be a conference or other event, Cadet Ken is an outstanding CAP ambassador encouraging our youth to become dynamic citizens and aerospace leaders.

Cadet Ken adds personality to our brand.  He is a friendly cadet and surely draws attention to himself where ever he goes.


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