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Cadet Cadre


Sorry. We are no longer accepting cadet cadre (encampment staff) applications. 

If you did apply before the February 10th deadline, interviews will be performed thru February 15th. Interviews will last approximately 30 minutes. You will be notified of your interview time. If you can't make it please contact your interviewer to schedule an alternate time. Please add your resume or experience letter for your desired positions.

Cost to Attend

  • $150.00

  • Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available to cover encampment fees and uniforms with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program or CEAP (say, "seep"). An inability to afford encampment should not hold back cadets who want to participate in encampment. For information on how to apply go to the following link:  How to Apply to CEAP

Cadet Cadre Training Weekend

Virtual training is planned for May 13th.

Encampment Week

Cadet Cadre will be at encampment from June 10 - 17, 2023.

What to Expect

Expect to have fun and be very busy. You will be up early and be more physically active than you typically are at home and school.

Expect to be in uniforms for most of the time. Have an experienced member of your squadron do an inspection before you leave for Encampment. Most of the time you will be wearing ABU's and boots. Make sure your boots have been broken in. Wear them as much as you can before the encampment. Blisters are the single most frequent medical issue -- it's not much fun walking around with hurting feet.

Requirements to Attend

  • Active Member in Good Standing

  • Required forms and copy of Insurance Card

  • All required packing list items

  • Haircuts and hairstyles must meet CAP grooming standards throughout the duration of encampment. If in doubt, cut it shorter.

  • Cadet Protection Basic Course (for cadets over 18 at the time of Encampment) 

  • Required forms:

  • Payment in full prior to arrival at Encampment (except for cadets waiting on CEAP approval and/or scholarship applications)

Packing List

Follow the packing list precisely.  All items on the list are required unless specifically indicated as optional.

  • Packing List (Updated 6/7/2023)

  • Prohibited Items:

    • Knives or weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco, vapes, illegal drugs, prescribed or over the counter drugs not listed on CAPF 160 or 163, books, magazines, other reading material, photos, journals, electronic devices, cameras, watches, clocks, jewelry, field gear, candy or snacks, food items (except food required for dietary needs which has been disclosed to encampment staff prior to arrival)

    • Cadet Cadre that drive themselves will be required to turn in their vehicle keys and cell phone upon check-in.

  • Recommendations

    • Buy your boots and dress shoes well ahead of the encampment and break them in before encampment starts. Cadet Cadre will spend a lot of time on their feet. The most common injury at encampment is blisters from brand-new boots.

    • Participants will get hot, sweaty, and dirty. This means it is extremely important to pack the required number of socks, underwear, t-shirts, and personal hygiene products.

    • Cadets, if your parents/responsible adult purchases your clothing and supplies, please provide them with a copy of the packing list as soon as possible.

    • Check, double-check, and have someone else check all items before departing for encampment. The most often forgotten items are belts, ABU covers, blues flight caps, insignia, and shower shoes. No spare uniform items are available at encampment. 

    • Some uniform items needed may require ordering so allow adequate time for delivery. Please also contact your unit commander and inquire about surplus uniform inventory availability.

    • All clothing and equipment should be marked indelibly with cadet's name using a permanent marker or written on waterproof tape. 

    • If you have any uniform item questions get them resolved before encampment by looking at CAPs Uniform Regulation 39-1 (CAPR 39-1) or by asking your cadet leadership at your squadron.

    • Cadets who sometimes wear medical braces should bring those braces with them to encampment. Encampment is going to be physically demanding and many cadets end up wishing they had their knee or ankle brace with them.

    • Pack smart you will be expected to transport your own luggage.

Code of Conduct

Core values are essential to an organization's mission and vision.  In the Civil Air Patrol, core values are at the heart of a code of ethics for all members to follow if they wish to participate in CAP activities. Click on this link to understand the code of conduct expectations for encampment: CAP Core Values

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are haircuts and hairstyles inspected? Yes. Haircuts will be inspected at arrival. Haircuts and hairstyles must meet CAP grooming standards throughout the duration of encampment. If in doubt, cut it shorter.

  • Are any electronics (cell phones, watches, tablet, computer) allowed?  No. Cadets (Students and Cadre) are not permitted to have cell phones. If upon inspection at check-in a cell phone is found it will be confiscated for the duration of encampment. Cadet Cadre that drive themselves and need to have a cell phone with them for that purpose will be required to turn in both their vehicle keys and cell phone upon check-in.

  • How do I communicate with my cadet?  Please do not. The encampment staff will contact the parent if there is a emergency. It is recommended that your contact information for that time frame your cadet is at encampment is good number to call for the entire duration of encampment.

  • Who supervises cadets at encampment?  Senior members, both male and female, supervise cadets at all times.  

  • What type of dining is available? Food is prepared by senior members with food service training in professional kitchens and is served with a combination of cafeteria style, mobile, and sack lunches as needed. A balanced diet with appropriate calories to support the activity level of the cadets is provided. 

  • What if my cadet has a dietary restriction? Legitimate food allergies and medical/religious dietary restrictions should be addressed during the application process and every effort will be made to accommodate these requirements. If you have questions or concerns the burden is on you to reach out encampment staff prior to encampment, preferably at least one month before the start, to ensure the staff is prepared to service your cadet. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to accommodate diets that are “lifestyle or life-choice” decisions such as keto, vegan, or intermittent fasting.

  • What are the housing facilities like? Cadets will be living in open-room housing during encampment.  The housing is set up for flight members, plus flight staff. Flights are pre-assigned. 

  • Are male and females housed in the same building/barracks? Male and female cadets are housed separately and there are designated male and female bathroom facilities that include individual shower stalls. 

  • What if my cadet gets homesick?  We do recommend discussing the concept with your cadet and let them know that if they get homesick they shouldn’t hesitate to let one of their cadet or senior member staff know. Encampment is not a typical sleep-away camp, it has a military feel, is fast-paced, and provides very little free time. For some cadets, this may be a bit overwhelming for the first few days and every year a few cadets get homesick. The encampment staff will make time to gently talk with those cadets to help them preserve and go on to have a great time. If a cadet is really struggling we will call home to get advice on how best to encourage the cadet and if recommended put them on the phone. We want every cadet to succeed and graduate from encampment and for some that require moral support from training officers, command staff, or chaplain.

  • Should my cadet bring all their medication with them? Yes. All prescription or over-the-counter medication brought to the encampment must be in its original container. Most medications will be turned in to the Health Service Officer and kept in the medical room.

  • Can I visit my cadet during encampment?  No.  The encampment schedule does not allow for visitation.

  • How do I contact my cadet in case of an emergency?  If you need to contact the cadet due to an emergency, please call the 2023 OHWG Encampment Commander, Capt C. Roger Pinney [(C) 937-681-1030]. We emphasis that this number be called only for legitimate emergencies.

  • Where can I get daily updates or look for photos on encampment?  Encampment Photos and News

  • Is there a graduation ceremony or parade?  Yes.  The ceremony and parade will be held Saturday, June 17, 2023.  The ceremony time will be provided prior to encampment. Cadet cadre will be checked out to a designated adult following the parade.

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