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Springfield ANGB Composite Squadron (OH-178)

Meeting Location: 

    Ohio Air National Guard

    5319 Regula Ave, Springfield, OH 45502

    Please contact the commander to arrange for a visit

Meeting Day/Time: Thursday's, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Squadron Commander: Capt C R Pinney, CAP

Email: c.pinney@ohwg.cap.gov

Website: Pending

Facebook: Pending





The Springfield ANGB Composite Squadron is comprised of both senior and cadet members, conducting both the senior program and cadet program.  

The Springfield Composite unit is an emergency services focused unit. With being at the ANG base, it gives us a great opportunity to get air crew and ground teams trained. 

The standard weekly meeting schedule is as follows. Please check the unit website calendar for any updates.

Thursday     Agenda UOD
1st Cadet Programs and Character Development Instruction  Blues or ABU's              
2nd Physical Fitness Training Athletic Apparel (tennis shoes, black shorts, tan shirt) 
3rd Aerospace Education (AE) ABU's
4th Emergency Services Training (ES) ABU's
5th Special Activity based on cadet and senior member input  UOD will be announced prior to meeting






The focus of OH-178 is to teach the CAP core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect in conjunction with Character Development, Leadership, Emergency Services, Physical Fitness, and Aerospace activities. As our cadets participate in CAP, they advance through a series of achievements, earning honors and increased responsibilities along the way.

Squadron Point of Contact:

Capt C R Pinney, CAP



Squadron Commander Bio

Capt Pinney was appointed as the commander of the Springfield ANG Composite Squadron in December 2022.  Capt Pinney has been a member of CAP for just over 12 years and was formerly a cadet that earned his Earhart Award.

Capt Pinney has attended five encampments, staffing the last four. For my sixth encampment I've been selected as the OHWG 2023 encampment commander.

Capt Pinney has held various staff positions as a cadet staff member and a senior member. Currently Capt Pinney is the Group VII Education and Training Officer (ETO). Capt Pinney is also a ground team leader and a mission scanner for emergency services.

Capt Pinney intends following his 2023 leadership role the OHWG encampment commander will finish his training for the Gill Robb Wilson Award.


Squadron Photos

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