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Civil Air Patrol's Encampment Program

Mission.  For cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and solidify their moral character"

Vision.  "An immersion into the full challenges and opportunities of cadet life"

Goal Areas.  To fulfil the purpose and realize the vision of the Encampment Program, Civil Air Patrol aims to: 

  • Set goals for each cadet student as an individual in hopes that each cadet will have learned from their encampment experience to result in greater knowledge, skill, and values of "cadet life" in Civil Air Patrol

  • Set goals for each cadet cadre member by using the encampment as a learning experienced for those advanced cadets

  • Foster teamwork by setting collective goals for training flights to operate as teams to further develop cadets beyond solely individual growth

  • Grow adult Civil Air Patrol members as leaders of cadets

  • Establish encampment a "centerpiece" training footprint of the wing-level Cadet Program, providing the wing with an opportunity to boost the capabilities of its hometown cadet and composite squadrons and to standardize cadet training within the wing

The Ohio Wing Encampment Program

It is the intent of Ohio Wing's Encampment Program to accomplish national-level Civil Air Patrol goals by providing an annual encampment which: 

  • Presents an innovative and hands-on training experience for students and cadre 

  • Promotes opportunities to overcome challenges and demonstrate practical leadership application in a safe and positive environment 

  • Empowers individuals to plan activities, coordinate with peers, make critical decisions, and lead their teammates to success

  • Produces competent and confident cadet leaders who can enhance and expand their local unit's training programs by implementing lessons learned from their encampment experience 

  • Develops a skilled corps of Civil Air Patrol members to serve as Ohio's leaders of tomorrow

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