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High Adventure Activity

High Adventure Activity Paperwork and Approval

The OHWG Cadet Programs (CP) requires obtaining approval to conduct High Adventure Activities (HAAs) in accordance with  the Civil Air Patrol Regulation 60-2 Cadet Protection Program, revision effective 26 October 2021. 

  • HAA's require approval via the current version of the CAP Form 60-2 HAA Authorization.

  • HAA approval requests must include the current version of the CAP Form 160 series Risk Assessment Worksheet.

    • The activity director shall review the relevant section pertaining to the HAA in the Girl Scouts' Safety Activity Checkpoints manual, 2021 edition, which CAP has explicitly identified and selected as the considered risk controls to be used for HAA safety planning.

  • Cadets attending an HAA event must provide a completed permission form.

    • For HAA's conducted outside of Encampment, the current version of the CAP Form 60-80 CAP Cadet Activity Permission Slip must be provided, to include signature from a parent or legal guardian.


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